All of our hiking paths are well-marked. There are benches along the way that invite tired hikers to take a rest. We recommend wearing good hiking boots. Comfortable to the top of the mountain. A great view and hiking tours await for you! For the little ones, we recommend the Spatz Männi Play- Hike



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1 ROUTE 1: Mountain-top station - Brustenegg - valley station

Hike from the chairlift mountain-top station to the mountain restaurant Atzmännig and along the crest to the Brustenegg ski lifts. Continue for about 300m, then turn left and continue in the direction of Oberau Farm. Continue through the forest and to the valley station.

Hiking time about 3/4 hrs.

2 ROUTE 2: Mountain-top station - Hüttenberg - Rotstein - Mountain-top station

Roundtrip from/to the Chairlift- Mountain station. From the mountain top station through the forest down to the Mountain- Restaurant Hüttenberg (note wooden signpost). about 35 minutes. On the way back over vorderer Rotstein, Schwammegg to the mountain station about 40 minutes.

Hiking time: about 1 1/4 hrs.

3 ROUTE 3: Mountain-top station - Altschwand - valley station (short hike)

Hike from the chairlift mountain-top station via Schwammegg to Vorderer Rotstein. Then turn left down to the Restaurant Altschwand (968 m a.s.l.) and from there, continue towards the valley station.

Hiking time: about 1 1/2 hrs.

4 ROUTE 4: Mountain-top station - Altschwand - valley station (longer hike)

From the chairlift mountain-top station, follow the hiking path Chrüzegg - Schwammegg - Vorderer Rotstein - Hinterer Rotstein - Tweralpspitz. Then keep to your left, towards the Tweralphütte. See sign about 200 m further below and then follow the sign towards Restaurant Altschwand and back to the valley station.

Hiking time: about 2 1/4 hrs.

5 ROUTE 5: to the Chrüzegg and valley station

This is a beautiful hike offering spectacular views. It follows the crest and leads via Chrüzegg back to where you started at the chairlift valley station. This is a favorite for groups. At the mountain-top (1,200 m m. a.s.l.), turn left towards Schwammegg (1,282 m. a.s.l.), Vorderer Rotstein (1,285 m.a.s.l.), Tweralpspitz (1,332 m. a.s.l.) and continue to Chrüzegg (1,265 m.a.s.l.). At the mountain restaurant, the Family Röbi Manser will be your host. From there, continue over the Oberchamm and Chopf back to Atzmännig valley station.

Total hiking time: about 3 hrs.

6a ROUTE 6a: Atzmännig-Chrüzegg, continue to the Zürcher Oberland

Hike from the Chrüzegg over the Schnebelhorn, Steg, and continue to the Zürcher Oberland. The hiking trail follows the following route: Schindelberg (1153 m.a.s.l./restaurant) about 1 hour - Schindelberghöchi (1234 m.a.s.l.), Schnebelhorn (1292 m.a.s.l.) Tierhag (1140 m.a.s.l./restaurant) Stralegg - 1054 m.a.s.l../restaurant) Orüti - Boden - Steg

Hiking time from Chrüzegg: about 3 1/2 hrs. It is possible to continue to Hulftegg.

6b ROUTE 6b: Atzmännig-Chrüzegg, continue to the Toggenburg

From the Chrüzegg it is also possible to continue hiking to the Toggenburg. For instance, you can go to Libingen (about 1.5 hrs.), cross the Steintal to Wattwil, about 2 hrs From Lichtensteig over the Alplispitz about 2,5 hrs. or to Krinau about 2,5 hrs. (Hiking time is always calculated with Chrüzegg as departure point.)

7 ROUTE 7: Atzmännig, in the direction of Goldingen or St.Gallenkappel

Hike from the chairlift mountain station to Untere Atzmännig (signpost), then head left to Stüssel - Obere Schwendi - Marchbu - Freudental - Rinderweid - Untere Schwendi and continue to the valley station.

Hiking time: about 2 hrs or continue to Goldingen via Stüssel-Köbelberg (1087 n.a.sl.) or to Rüeterswil/ St.Gallenkappel. From there, there is a connection to public transport.



WandertafelThere is no hiking path to the beginning of the toboggan run. You must take the chairlift from the valley station to the middle station.

The hiking trails are not ideal for prams or children's buggies. However, there is an asphalted minor road from the valley station of the Atzmännig to the Alpine Restaurant Altschwand. It takes about 30 minutes to walk. Baby backpacks can be rented at the valley station for CHF 8 per day.