SnowshoetrailEnjoy our snowy landscapes on snowshoes! With our two well-signaled tours, everyone can try it.

Route 1:
Atzmännig mountain station-Chrüzegg-Atzmännig valley station
Length 7 km / Time required 3 - 4 hrs.

Route 2:
Atzmännig mountain station-Altschwand-Atzmännig valley station
Length 3.5 km / Time required 1.5 - 2 hrs.

Start off by the mountain-top station Atzmännig. Both tours pass by a restaurant. The times indicated depend on the amount of snow and the snow conditions.

Get more information on the actual snow conditions along the routes here:
Plan and description of the snowshoe-trails

Renting snow shoes
You can rent snow shoes at the valley station of the Atzmännig. Per day including uphill ride: CHF 26.00.

Guided snow shoe tours
We also offer guided snow shoe tours for individuals by full moon and groups