Leisure Park


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1 Toboggan Run

2 Sliding-Tower

Take a free fall slide or slide yourself into delirious enjoyment on the spiral slide. Our sliding tower offers six different ways to slide.

Note: When buying a ride on the giant slide, the ticket automatically includes one ride on the sliding tower

Age limit: from 6 onwards  (without adult accompaniment)
               from 2 onwards  (accompanied by an adult)

Each ride: CHF 1.-

10 rides: CHF 7.-

3 Nautic-Jet

Enjoy intense jumps on our water ramp. This ride is also ideal for those who do not like to be in the water, however, you may get splashed.

Age limit: from 10 years
Weight limit: max. 90 kg
Each ride: CHF 2.-

4 Parachute-Ride

Take a look at the Leisure Park from above. This is possible on the 8-meter-high and 60-meter-long parachute ride which allows you to hover high above the heads of our park visitors.

Age limit: from 8 years upwards
Weight limit: max. 100 kg
Each ride: CHF 1.-

5 Swingolino

The giant swing: fun for two.

Age limit: from 6 years with adult accompaniment, from 12 years alone
Size limit: min. 120cm
Each ride: CHF 4.- (for 1 or 2 persons)

6 Boat-Pond

For all of those who dream of a luxury boat on Lake Zurich, this is your chance to see how it feels to be a hobby captain.
Each ride: CHF 1.--

7 Monza-Track

Even the racing driver Schuhmacher started off small at one point! Take one of our mini racers which have electrical engines for a spin to get a feel for race driving.

Age limit: from about 3 - 10 years
Each ride: CHF 1.-

8 Bull-Riding

The Wild West has come to the Goldinger Valley! On the mechanical bulls of our Bull Ride, real and aspiring cowboys will measure their feats. Who will stay on the bull the longest? Howdy!

Age limit: from 8 years upwards
Each ride: CHF 3.-

9 Comet-Swing

Our swing will not quite swing you into space but nonetheless horizontally - as you will see, it is a scream!

Weight limit: Max. 350kg
Numbers of persons: Max. 6 children or 4 adults
Each ride: CHF 3.--

10 Trampoline

There are ten trampolines at your convenience to jump to your heart's delight -- a great way to get rid of stress and extra energy for small and big alike.

Weight limit: Max. 75 kg
Rate for 3 minutes: CHF 1.--

11 Bungy-Tramp

If you get bored with the traditional trampolines, try our bungy trampoline. Thanks to the strong rubber cord, you will feel like an astronaut in zero gravity. Neil Armstrong, move over!

Weight limit: min. 9 kg, max. 99 kg
Rate for 5 minutes: CHF 6.--

12 Children's playground

Our small guests also have the right to feel comfortable and to have fun. A large playground with a climbing tower, a slide and a see-saw is just right for the kids: it is centrally located, making it convenient for parents to keep an eye on their offspring. There are also two carousels.

13 Petting zoo

Our spacious animal enclosures give you an excellent opportunity to experience animals up close and personal. You are invited to pet the mini-goats and our donkeys or have fun observing our geese and ducks. Visiting our petting zoo is free of charge.

14 Spatz Männi Play-Hike

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