PODhouses – wooden igloos

The PODhouses – a kind of wooden igloo – are a comfortable alternative to camping. The equipment is small but nice: the wooden igloos with 2 to 6 beds offer enough space for the whole family. But of course you must not do without amenities like electricity or light even in the middle of nature. The PODhouses are well isolated and thanks to an electric heating, they may also be used in winter. A real adventure for outdoor fans or for those who want to become such.

The PODhouses are secluded, situated on a small forest clearing close to the camping site at the Atzmännig base station. The toilets, washbasins and showers with free warm water are located directly near the camping washrooms. Only a few steps to go to get breakfast at the Atzmännig Lodge restaurant. However, you are free to have your breakfast comfortably delivered to the wooden igloo in a breakfast box. For other meals, various other restaurants are close by. And if you would like to go for more adventure, use our beautifully set fireplace right below. We will provide a delicious «grill box» for you to use.

  • 4 large PODhouses

    12m2 for 4 to a maximum of 6 persons, 2 beds of 1.40m each and a pull-out bed of 0.70m

    1 small PODhouse

    7.5m2 for 2 to a maximum of 3 persons, 2 beds of 0.80m each or 1 bed of 1.60m and 1 bed of 0.80m

Grillkota – common house

A special highlight: all our PODhouse guests have access to a special ‘Grillkota’ that you can use as a comfortable common room, but most of all as a covered barbecue area. Wood and grill are available at the Grillkota, you don’t need to bring anything along. Just enjoy!

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House rules and general conditions:
To make your stay at the PODhouses an experience for everybody, we have established a few rules. By making this reservation you accept our general terms and conditions.

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Rates per night 1
Large PODhouseCHF 150.00
Small PODhouseCHF 100.00

1 Rates per night and per PODhouse (regardless of amount of people).
Excl. city tax of CHF 3.50 per adult/night. Prices are subject to change. 

In case of a stay for a full week, we offer lower rates upon request. 

Included in the price:
PODhouse with beds (sheets, pillows, blankets), electricity, final cleaning. 

Please bring along a sleeping bag (or your own bedding). Toilets and showers with warm water are located at the washing room of the camping site, around 120m from the PODhouses. Towels and breakfast are not included. 

Rates for school trips (Monday – Friday) 2
Large PODhouse (up to 6 students, total 4PODs)CHF 100.00
Small PODhouse (up to 3 students, total 1POD) CHF 75.00

2 Rates per night and PODhouse (regardless of amount of students, apply only in connection with a school trip).


Breakfast is available at the Atzmännig Lodge restaurant directly opposite at the base station or feel free to order our breakfast box comfortably to your wooden igloo. There is a variety of restaurants for other meals close by unless you decide to order a dinner box or a grill box for a barbecue at the beautifully set fireplace. 

Children: Order as many meal boxes as you like. However, we do not recommend ordering an extra breakfast box for smaller children. The restaurant only charges CHF 1.00 per year for a children's breakfast (maximum). 

Restaurants:  Except for groups who have booked in advance, the Atzmännig Lodge restaurant and the Brustenegg Hut are usually closed as of 6 p.m. Other restaurants can be reached on foot or by car.

Breakfast box 3
Small breakfast (per person)CHF 13.50
Goldingertaler–Brettli with sausage and cheese (for about 2 persons)CHF 16.50
2 dl ProseccoCHF 9.50
2.5 dl chocolate/ovomaltine milk (per person)CHF 2.50

3 The breakfast boxes must be ordered at the check-in. We are happy to bring the boxes to your PODhouse by 8 a.m.

Dinner box4
Goldingtaler–Brettli (for about 2 persons) / including 5 dl wineCHF 24.50 / CHF 46.50
Grill box (for about 4 persons) / incl. 5 dl wineCHF 42.50 / CHF 64.50
Fondue box (per person)CHF 20.00
additional 5 dl wine / additional 2 cl kirschCHF 22.00 / CHF 4.50

4 Dinner boxes must be ordered in advance. Please get your box by 5 p.m. at the Atzmännig Lodge restaurant where you may buy other beverages to take along.

Breakfast at the Atzmännig Lodge restaurant (per person) CHF 10.0
Brunch at the Atzmännig Lodge restaurant (per person) 5CHF 39.00

5 for groups upon request