Toboggan Run

Ready, steady, go! The chairlift takes you conveniently up to the start. It’s only downhill from there. Over 700 meters you race through tunnels, over creeks and in elevated steep bends to the finish located 126 meters below. Slide intoxicated by the speed and apply full throttle. But don't worry, the toboggan indeed accelerates quickly but also slows down easily.

  • length 700m
  • turns 17
  • vertical height 126m
Toboggan Run single rides
Children 1CHF 5.50
AdultsCHF 9.50
Children reduced 2CHF 4.50
Adults reduced 3CHF 7.50
Toboggan Run children passes 1/4
6 ridesCHF 25.00
10 ridesCHF 39.00
20 ridesCHF 63.00
Toboggan Run adults passes 4
6 ridesCHF 42.00
10 ridesCHF 63.00
Toboggan Run family passes
8 rides 5CHF 47.00
12 rides 6CHF 67.00

Toboggan Run including chairlift up to mid-station and one go on the sliding tower

1 Children from 6 to their 16th birthday
2 Groups, schools for children up to their 16th birthday as of 15 persons (per 15 persons 1 free ride), local children
3 Groups as of 15 persons (per 15 persons 1 free ride), locals and seniors (women as of 64 years/men as of 65 years)
4 Toboggan passes are transferable and valid for 2 years
5 4 rides for adults, 4 rides for children
6 6 rides for adults, 6 rides for children

Dogs pay 50% of the adult rate on the chairlift. Small dogs are transported free of charge. Transport boxes are available.

Rates are per person, irrespective of using a single or double toboggan. Children pay as of 6 years. Two adults and children as of 12 years may not use a double toboggan together. Children under 3 years may not go on the Toboggan Run. Up to 8 years, children must be accompanied by an adult. Riding on the Toboggan Run is at the user's own risk. By purchasing a ticket you agree to the terms of use of the Toboggan Run and confirm to have read and understood the information board of the Toboggan Run.

General information

- The toboggans are ready for you at mid-station.
- Children as of 8 years may go on the Toboggan Run by themselves. Children as of 3 years may use the toboggan when accompanied by an older person (at least 12 years old). Children under 3 years may not use the toboggan run.
- Two adults or two children as of 12 years may not go on a double toboggan together.
- The Toboggan Run is only open in case of a dry track surface. In case of wet conditions, dew or rain, tobogganing is not allowed for safety reasons. We make every effort to dry the Toboggan Run after rain as quickly as possible and immediately resume operation.
- There is no hiking trail to the start! The Toboggan Run cannot be reached from the mountain station, neither on foot nor by chairlift. You may only get to the Toboggan Run via the mid-station of the chairlift. 
- Use is on your own risk. Please take note of the terms of use of the Toboggan Run
- With the purchase of a ticket, the users confirm that they are fully covered by accident insurance.
- The place of jurisdiction is Eschenbach SG.