Leisure Park

Holiday feeling at Atzmännig Leisure Park – in the middle of nature. Experience great fun with 14 amazing attractions. Whether you are sliding, playing, riding, swinging, jumping or tobogganing, the day will remain in your memory. Atzmännig Mountain offers you and your family an exceptional variety of action-packed adventures. Come by and find out for yourself!


  • age fun for the whole family
  • rates some for only CHF 1.00
  • experience 14 attractions

Spatz Männi Adventure Trail 1

Chirp along! Please find all information about the Spatz Männi Adventure Trail here.

Toboggan Run 2

Ready, get set, go! Please find all information about the Toboggan Run here.

Sliding Tower 3

Free fall or spiral slide – with a choice of six different slides, there is something for every taste.

Age restriction: from 6 years of age (from 2 years if accompanied by an adult only)  
Rate per go on the slide: CHF 1.00
Pass for 10 goes on the slide: CHF 7.00
When purchasing a toboggan run ticket, one go on the sliding tower is included.

Tower crane 4

Nautic-Jet 5

Experience breathtaking jumps on our water boat jump. The facility is appropriate for both water lovers and total landlubbers. However, be aware of a few water splashes. 

Age restriction: from 10 years of age  
Weight restriction: maximum of 90 kg
Rate per jump: CHF 2.00

Cableway 6

The world from above: you will float over the heads of other park visitors at an altitude of 8m and a length of 60m. 

Age restriction: from 8 years of age
Weight restriction: maximum of 100 kg
Rate per ride: CHF 1.00

Monza Track 7

Every race car driver has started out small. The electrically driven mini-cars are great fun for your children and may be easily steered over the round track. 

Age restriction: 3 to 10 years
Rate per ride: CHF 1.00

Ship Pond 8

No luxury yacht on the Lake of Zurich? Never mind! Hobby captains have come to the right spot or rather, to the right haven. Ship ahoy! 

Rate per shipping: CHF 1.00

Bull Riding 9

Wild West at the Valley of Goldingen! Real and future cowboys compete at bull riding. Who will last the longest? Howdy! 

Age restriction: from 8 years of age
Rate per ride: CHF 3.00
Evenings for groups: as of CHF 80.00

Comet Swing 10

We shoot you to the moon. Well, not quite as far. But at least over the horizontal line. Fly into space with our comet swing where screaming is explicitly permitted!

Weight restriction: maximum of 350 kg
Amount of persons: a maximum of 6 children or 4 adults
Rate per swing: CHF 3.00

Playground 11

Also our smaller guests shall feel at home with us and obviously have a lot of fun. The large playground with climbing tower, slide and swing is especially suitable for children and centrally located. Parents thus have a good overview and perfect control should everything go haywire over at the two carousels.

Petting Zoo 12

In our spacious enclosures you may see animals up close. Dwarf goats and donkeys are waiting to be petted by you and your children. Or do you rather watch the ducks splashing. A visit at the petting zoo is free of charge.

Trampoline 13

On the trampoline up to 10 young people and those young at heart may let off steam. Off you go, take a running start and jump as high as you can.

Weight restriction: maximum of 75 kg
Rate per 3 minutes: CHF 1.00

Atzmännig Lodge 14

Brand new, highly comfortable and directly located at the base station. Please find all information on our Atzmännig Lodge here.

Brustenegg Hut 15

With a large sun deck and unique Alpine charm. Please find all information on our Brustenegg Hut here.

Rope Adventure Park 16

Fun and excitement at airy heights. Please find all information on our Rope Adventure Park here.

Bungy-Tramp 17

For those who think a traditional trampoline unit is too boring must try our Bungy-Tramp. Due to elastic ropes you will experience moments of weightlessness that make you feel like an astronaut! Up or down, front or rear – you will have completely lost orientation. The Bungy-Tramp is usually open on Saturdays, Sundays and during main school holidays.

Weight restriction: at least 9 kg, maximum of 99 kg
Price per 5 minutes: CHF 6.00
When purchasing 6 tickets, 1 ticket is free

Camping 18

Stay in the middle of nature – pure adventure. Please find all information on camping here.

PODhouses 19

Our wooden igloos: the special alternative to a common tent. Please find all information on our PODhouses here.