Rope Adventure Park

Awesome! Atzmännig’s Rope Adventure Park offers fun and excitement at airy heights. Eight trails of varying dimension and different levels of difficulty require skill and coordination. One trail will take about 20 to 40 minutes. Special previous experience or knowledge is not required. Children from the age of eight and a minimum height of 120 cm have access to our Rope Adventure Park. And to make sure that also our youngest visitors* will enjoy their climbing, Atzmännig offers three separate kids courses with a special security system. And last but not least, a totally new challenge is waiting for you to try out: the «Tarzan swing». Swing from tree to tree with the unique «jump-swing-drive-element». Have a good time hanging around in the trees of Atzmännig.

*for ages 4 and up

Reservations for groups as of 10 persons are mandatory. Availability cannot always be guaranteed. On Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and during school holidays we can only accept reservations for 9 a.m. and 9:30 a.m.

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  • trails 8 + 3 for kids
  • height 2 to 16 meters
  • climbing elements 103

Stay for a maximum of 3 hours after receipt of equipment. Material and instructions are provided with your admission.

AdultsCHF 35.00
Children up to 16 yearsCHF 25.00

1 adult + 1 childCHF 55.00
1 adult + 2 childrenCHF 75.00
2 adults + 1 childCHF 80.00
2 adults + 2 childrenCHF 100.00
Other own children+ CHF 20.00

Kids cours
(stay a maximum of 1.5 hours)
Children (4-8 years)
CHF 20.00
Groups  (as of 10 persons)
AdultsCHF 31.00
Children up to 16 yearsCHF 22.00

Adults *CHF 31.00
Children up to 16 yearsCHF 20.00

* per 10 students one accompanying person free 

Additional charge in case of exceeding the time limit:

Up to 60 minutes
Adults / childrenCHF 8.00
Kids courseCHF 4.00

For each additional hour or a fraction thereof:
Adults / childrenCHF 8.00
Kids courseCHF 4.00

Practice makes (climbing) perfect: After the mandatory instruction, a green or blue trail must be completed first before our guests may conquer the rest of the trails. One trail requires around 20 to 40 minutes.

Kids trail – «Frechspatz, Schmutzfink and Schlaumeise Trail» Thanks to a non-stop safety system, children between four and eight years are able to climb from tree to tree just like their older peers. Please be aware that children must be supervised from the ground by a parent or guardian.

Trail 1 and 2 – «Beginner and Explorer Trail» We make it easy for you, even if you are just a beginner. Both trails are relatively easy to use and are ideal for younger visitors of the park. The platforms are in six to seven meters height and are located at the beginning of the Rope Adventure Park.

Trail 3 – «Balancing Act» This trail starts directly at the beginning of the Rope Adventure Park and goes deep into the forest. Balance and strength are required here and you as a strong climber!

Trail 4, 5 and 6 – «Funtastic», «Zip-Line Fun» and «Flying High» These three trails offer many exciting elements and zip lines, one of them even 100 meters long. The «Flying High» route goes high up and brings you to a height of incredible 13 meters. The «Tarzan Swing»
 of trail 6 makes you not only experience the highlight of the park but also a real world debut! We wish you a lot of swing.

Trail 7 – «Diavolezza» This is the highest course at Atzmännig and requires nerves and strength and releases adrenaline when you try to conquer the difficult obstacles in a crazy height of 16 meters. But you are lucky: no master has fallen from the sky yet or, more precisely, not from a tree.

Trail 8 – «Ibex Rock» The last trail leads around a rock. Pretend to be an ibex and elegantly jump from obstacle to obstacle while enjoying the great view of the Valley of Goldingen. You might be lucky and even spot a real ibex from up here. 

General information

Tips and advice for your rope park adventure Special previous experience or knowledge is not required for the Atzmännig Rope Adventure Park. Balance, concentration and setting your mind to it will be challenged and encouraged.

Equipment We recommend comfortable leisurewear, sneakers or light hiking boots. Loose clothing as well as long skirts are not allowed on the rope park due to safety reasons. Long hair must be tied back. You will get the hiking equipment from us to make sure that you can get started right away. Due to our modern snap hook system, accidental unhooking from the safety rope is not possible and maximum security is thus guaranteed. 

Instruction The instruction before hiking is mandatory and lasts about 20 minutes. At the instruction course, the rope park employees will show you how hiking is done at the park and what rules have to be followed to ensure safety at all times. In the following, you may go on the different trails on your own. The rope park employees are on the spot to supervise and help immediately in case of questions or problems. Important: after the instruction, you must start with a green or blue trail before you can really get going.

Safety We attach great importance to professional education and training of our employees. The Atzmännig Rope Adventure Park is member of, the Swiss rope park association that competently carries out education and training for rope park personnel. All our employees are additionally trained in first aid.

To climb the Rope Adventure Park you must - be at least 8 years old and at least 120 cm tall (except for the kids course) - children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult (maximum of 5 children per adult) - children between 12 and 16 years must be accompanied by an adult or supervised from the ground (maximum of 10 children per adult) - weight less than 120 kg - the two kids courses are designed for children from 4 to 8 years who must be supervised by an adult from the ground - at least two persons must be on the same course at the same time (surveillance principle) - people with health issues that could be dangerous for themselves or for others may not use the rope park - people under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be rejected - dangerous objects must not be brought along (jewellery, bags or other objects that can get caught in the ropes) - appropriate clothing and solid, closed shoes are required - the participation at the instruction on the spot is mandatory - the complete equipment must be worn according to the instruction - all instructions from the rope park employees are binding - the equipment must be returned unsolicited after 3 or 1.5 hours (kids course). Otherwise, additional payment is due - the terms of use must be accepted and signed.

Please pay attention to the detailed terms of use. You are required to read and sign them prior to the visit of the rope park. For school classes we recommend to discuss and fill in the terms of use prior to the visit.

Terms of use of the Rope Adventure Park
Supplement for school classes
Supplement for groups