STS Nitro Mini Fun Park

Visits of freestylers and air acrobats will also be rewarded. The three different rails of the Mini Fun Park offer 100% fun for beginners and experts. Snow conditions permitting, we complement the park with various kickers and other obstacles. The Mini Fun Park is located at the lower part of the ski run next to the Atzmännig ski lift. Kickers are built at the top part of the ski run between the chairlift and the Atzmännig ski lift.

  • rails 3
  • fun level 100%
  • preconditions guts
Day passes
AdultsCHF 35.00
Youths up to their 20th birthdayCHF 29.00
Children 6-16 yearsCHF 25.00
Local adults, seniorsCHF 29.00
Local childrenCHF 20.00
Groups of adults 2CHF 29.00
Groups of children 6-16 years 2CHF 20.00
Schools 6-16 years 2CHF 18.00
Family day pass 3CHF 97.00 4
Family day pass including lunch 3/5CHF 125.00
Half-day passes 1
AdultsCHF 27.00
Youths up to their 20th birthdayCHF 23.00
Children 6-16 yearsCHF 17.00
Local adults, seniorsCHF 23.00
Local childrenCHF 14.00
Groups of adults 2CHF 23.00
Groups of children 6-16 years 2CHF 14.00
Schools 6-16 years 2CHF 14.00

All day and half-day passes are non-transferable.

1 Half-day pass: morning ticket valid until 12:30 p.m., lunch ticket from 10:30 a.m. – 2 p.m., afternoon tickets as of 12 p.m.

2 Groups as of 15 persons. Per 15 persons one free ticket. 3 At least one parent, children up to 16 years (only upon presentation of a photo ID). 4 For locals CHF 80.00. Lunch at the Atzmännig Lodge restaurant.

Season pass 1
(non-transferable, with photo)
Adults   CHF 390.00
Children up to 16 yearsCHF 249.00
Local adults, seniorsCHF 332.00
Local children up to 16 yearsCHF 229.00

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Week pass 3
(non-transferable, with photo)
Adults CHF 175.00
Children up to 16 yearsCHF 120.00
Local adults, seniors––
Local children up to 16 years––

1 includes night skiing and sledging
2 around 15% pre-sale discount by end of November
3 7 consecutive days, includes night skiing

Season pass 2
Early bird discount
Adults CHF 331.00
Children up to 16 yearsCHF 212.00
Local adults, seniorsCHF 283.00
Local children up to 16 yearsCHF 194.00
Chairlift single rides 1
Adults CHF 9.50
Children 6-16 yearsCHF 5.50

Brustenegg ski lifts single rides 
Adults CHF 3.50
Children 6-16 yearsCHF 2.00
Atzmännig ski lift single rides 
Adults CHF 8.00
Children 6-16 yearsCHF 4.50

Beginners' lift single rides
Adults CHF 2.00
Children 6-16 yearsCHF 1.00

1 Return/descent tickets for hikers/non-skiers according to summer chairlift rates.

10 points ticket 1
Adults CHF 24.00
SeniorsCHF 18.00
Children 6-16 yearsCHF 12.00

50 points ticket 1
Adults CHF 100.00
SeniorsCHF 75.00
Children 6-16 yearsCHF 50.00
20 points ticket 1
Adults CHF 45.00
SeniorsCHF 34.00
Children 6-16 yearsCHF 23.00

Chairlift 2 points
Atzmännig ski lift2 points
Brustenegg ski lifts1 point

1 Transferable, only valid for 2 seasons in winter (current and following season).

Tariff provisions:

  • All tickets, except point tickets, are non-transferable.
  • Any misuse of tickets results in an immediate withdrawal without compensation.
  • Lost tickets and passes will not be replaced.
  • Breakdowns, operating restrictions or shutdowns due to adverse weather conditions do not entitle to a claim for a refund of paid tickets.
  • Ski patrol and rescue service monitor and control the marked ski runs. Ski runs are marked on both sides.

In addition to cash in CHF and Euro, we accept Reka checks and the major debit and credit cards.

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Take advantage of a 50% reduction on day and multiple day passes

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